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Mockingjay PDF is the third and final book in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, The Hunger Games. The book was released last 2010 to much acclaim. Mockingjay followed the events that took place from the first book, Hunger Games, and the second, Catching Fire. The final book took place after the special Hunger Games failed.

Katniss found herself in District 13 along with the other tributes that were part of the rebellion. Katniss acclimates herself to her new role in the rebellion. She agrees to be the symbol of the rebellion and star in commercials for the rebels called propos. In exchange, Katniss got immunity for her friends and the opportunity to kill President Snow. Katniss is kept out of actual combat while she stars in propaganda films for the rebellion till she joins a decisive yet tragic battle in District 8. Peeta was captured by The Capitol and forced to defame the rebellion and Katniss on live TV.

Peeta managed to send a coded message about an impending attack to the rebels which saved hundreds of lives. For doing so, Peeta was drugged to have a fear and loathing for Katniss. District 13 managed to stage a rescue mission that got Peeta and the other captured tributes out of the Capitol. But as soon as Peeta saw Katniss, he tries to kill her but was stopped. Peeta underwent psychological therapy which managed to improve his mental condition, but he still had outbursts towards katniss because of memory loss.

After winning another decisive battle in District 2, the rebels hatch a plan to end the war by attacking The Capitol head on. Katniss and her propos team, along with Peeta, are sent on a mission in one of the neighborhoods in The Capitol. Katniss thought that the inclusion of Peeta meant that President Coin saw the end of the war and that she wanted to have Katniss killed by one of the outbursts of Peeta. With the sudden death of Boggs, Katniss takes command of the group and tells them that they are on a secret mission to kill President Snow. The group engages in urban warfare that led to many casualties, including Finnick. Katniss ventures alone to President Snow’s mansion that was surrounded by refugee children. A hover plane bearing marks of the Capitol suddenly dropped bombs on the mansion killing and severely injuring people including Katniss’ sister, Prim.

The attack on the Capitol reminded Katniss of one of the strategies implemented by Gale. When she confronts him, Gale only expressed vague thought and uncertainty which led to Katniss thinking of a conspiracy theory against her. Just before the execution of Snow, Katniss instead killed President Coin and almost commited suicide before Peeta stopped her. She was later absolved of her crime because of insanity and was exiled to the ruins of District 12. Peeta returned to her and later accepted Peeta’s love for her.

Why get the audiobook?

The audiobook is voiced masterfully and each page brings excitement and all the emotions written on paper. You can carry the audiobook wherever you go and listen to the story whatever you are doing. The popularity of the audiobook has grown and has reached an international audience. The book’s appeal lies in the many themes it covers. Themes of self-sacrifice, hope, love, inequality, poverty, and effects of war have made it appealing to a wide audience.

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